Classroom Response Systems

Classroom response systems (clickers, polling, etc.) provide an alternative method of engaging students in the classroom while facilitating real-time assessment of student comprehension. The ability to capture live information about teaching and learning allows for flexibility and change.  Response tools support the increased focus in education around data-driven teaching.

Instructors often use student response technology in the classroom to:

  • Review questions in the form of games, played individually or in teams
  • Conduct opinion surveys and provide visual representations
  • Administer pre-tests to measure students’ entry knowledge
  • Administer post-tests to measure mastery of course content
  • Provide visual feedback to students of how they compare to peers
  • Re-poll in same session to measure gains in understanding
  • Promote collaboration by assigning groups and then encouraging discussion and consensus building
  • Generate instant feedback on a question, issue or calculation
  • Increase communication and participation
  • Capture formative and summative assessment by measuring student preparation, understanding or satisfaction
  • Gather research data

Supported Options

Northeastern ITS supports TurningPoint Cloud in the classroom as of August 2014.   We are currently working with Top Hat to provide the fully web-based Top Hat response system as a supported alternative.

Unsupported Options

The following systems are not supported by ITS but have been tested with our systems and run without issue:

Learning Catalytics
Poll Everywhere

Not sure which tool to use?

Compare features with our response tool matrix (Excel) (a work in progress).