Tegrity Lecture Capture

What is Tegrity?

Tegrity is the supported lecture capture service for both on-ground and on-line learning at Northeastern. It is available on all classroom, faculty and staff computers, and integrated with Blackboard to make recording, uploading and viewing easy for faculty and students. The Tegrity recorder can be used both on and off-campus; the only requirements for use are a Blackboard instructor account and a microphone.

Tegrity helps educators build content for use in flipped classrooms by providing a simple way to merge visuals and lecture. No video editing skills are necessary; the Tegrity recorder consists of a simple control panel that allows one to play, pause, stop and annotate with mouse clicks. Courses can be configured as live webcasts, and/or uploaded to specific Blackboard courses for anytime viewing. Uploaded recordings can be moved and copied between courses as needed, converted to movie formats or uploaded to YouTube and iTunes. The Tegrity control panel includes tools for running detailed or summary reports on access and viewing history.

Where do I find Tegrity?

The Tegrity installer is available through Blackboard for installation on any computer.

  • View the updated requirements for the Tegrity player here.
  • Use the Tegrity System Test Page to automatically check that your computer has the necessary components to record or view a Tegrity lecture.

Getting Started

Recording Requirements:

  • A computer with an Internet connection
  • A Northeastern myNEU account (faculty and students may visit myNEU to obtain their myNEU account)
  • Microphone – See the Peripheral Recommendations for Lecture Capture
  • Webcam, document camera or tablet (optional)
  • Internet Explorer v.10/11, Chrome v. 36+, Firefox v.30+

Viewing Requirements

  • A computer or smart device with an Internet connection (there are many options available to view lectures see the links listed below)
  • A Northeastern myNEU account (faculty and students may visit myNEU to obtain their myNEU account)
  • Internet Explorer v.10/11, Chrome v. 36+, Firefox v.30+
  • The Microsoft Silverlight plug-in is required to view some older Tegrity recordings.

Student Privacy

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act governs the release of student information to the public, including information that associates grading information with a particular student or information that confirms a student’s presence in a particular course. As a result, faculty are advised to inform students in the syllabus that lectures may be recorded. In addition, faculty are encouraged to avoid recording video or audio of students unless there is a pedagogical need or unless recording students is necessary in order to capture necessary class proceedings. Further, faculty are encouraged to consider whether students are shown in recordings before deciding to release a video to an audience other than the class it was recorded in.

Installing Tegrity

Click the “Tegrity Classes” link from the left-hand course menu in any Blackboard class. The Tegrity Course View page will appear, displaying all courses with recordings. If no lectures have been recorded, a “Start a Recording” button will appear. Clicking this button will initiate the recorder download if it has not already been installed. Once download has completed, the recorder will open.

The Tegrity recorder is preinstalled on all campus classrooms with a Windows 7 computer. Faculty and instructors can install Tegrity on NU owned or personal computers for lecture capture in the classroom. A network connection and VGA cable is available in all classrooms.

For step-by-step instructions, please view our installation guides for the appropriate system:

Tegrity Mobile

Mobile playback is available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android Device. One-time setup process requires a connection code. Please review the setup instructions to obtain a code and install the app:


Instructors who want to use Tegrity in the classroom are encouraged to email ats@neu.edu for individual hands-on training or to register for a workshop. Workshop schedule and reservations are also available at GoSignMeUp

Academic Technology Services has a mock classroom containing the equipment and configuration available in most classrooms. The mock classroom is an effective way to show how the technology works in the classroom.

Additional Links:


  • Weekly Summary Snapshots: Shows weekly instructor and students activity and compared it to previous weeks in the current term. Drill down from this report to see detailed reports.
  • Detailed Reports: Shows detailed reports of instructor and students activity for the current week, past week or the entire term up to the current date.
  • Custom Analysis: Shows a report organized by course, class, instructor or viewer.
  • Outcome Analysis: Show students’ grades and completion rate in courses that use Tegrity and those that do not. This enables you to evaluate the impact that Tegrity has on student performance in the current term

Remote Proctor:

Remote Proctor makes asynchronous remote video monitoring available to instructors using online exams in Blackboard.

Student Recording:

Faculty can now enable student recording for classes. Student recordings will not be accessible to the class until approved and published by the instructor.