Teaching Technology

ATS’s portfolio of teaching technology includes Blackboard learning management system, Blackboard Collaborate Ultra web conferencing, Tegrity Lecture Capture, PollEverywhere for in-class assessment, and a number of programs that specialize in creating learning objects. To see an overview of the tools and services supported by ATS view our Teaching and Learning Resource Guide.

The menu below and list on the left provides links to more detailed information about each of the software options and a number of self-service screencasts and informational pages that will help you accomplish specific tasks.

Academic Integrity Tools

Northeastern has secured a few tools that can help instructors gauge whether students are honoring their Academic Integrity pledge. Supported tools include Turnitin Plagiarism checker, Tegrity Student Proctoring solution, and Respondus Lockdown Browser.

Adding Publisher or Open Educational Content

Textbook content is widely available for free or purchase on the web, and many of these resources integrate into Blackboard easily, particularly publisher resources. Adding integration has a few benefits, such as ease of access links that help students find content more easily and gradebook integration so you can track student performance and send data to the Blackboard gradebook.


Blackboard, Northeastern’s learning management system (LMS), enhances basic teaching tasks like posting content, grading, and creating assessments. Its intuitive design brings efficiency to day-to-day tasks. It also aggregates a wide range of learning tools, resources, and learning objects into one environment, allowing faculty to take teaching beyond the traditional classroom walls. In addition to facilitating course management, our LMS helps students stay informed and involved, which results in a better educational experience.

Collaborate Ultra Web Conferencing

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is a browser based webconferencing tools which allows faculty and students to meet in an online space using video and/or audio chat, whiteboard features, slideshow features, and screensharing features. BlueJeans is another option that offers a user-friendly interface with fewer features.

Digication e-Portfolio

e-Portfolios are platforms for students, teachers, alumni, and professionals to showcase their work and ideas. They are archives of learning, discovery, progress, achievement and reflection. A few uses of e-Portfolios include assessment, admissions, interactive resumes, student galleries, teacher resource sites, collaborative project portfolios, and research presentations.

E-learning Resources

The resources on this page will help make learning object creation faster. Templates, free images and icons, and to tips for finding more of these resources help make sure that you’re not re-inventing the wheel. Before you integrate media from the web into your e-learning project, please read this page on Copyright, Fair Use, and Crediting Creative Commons Media.

Learning Object Development

Learning objects are reusable units of content created with one from a number of different software designed to help faculty create interactive multimedia content that promotes active learning. Learning objects can be used in online, on-ground, or flipped classroom formats.

Playposit Interactive Video

Playposit is an online learning environment to create and share interactive video lessons. The simple and intuitive browser interface includes an extensive video search feature, video editing and a variety of interaction tools including: video crop, multiple choice, free response, reflective pause, check all that apply, skip segment, link to URL, fill in blank, and polling.

Qualtrics Survey

Qualtrics is a web-based survey software tool that supports research, teaching and administration by allowing users to develop and deploy surveys, store data and analyze results. Qualtrics is available to Northeastern faculty, staff, and students.

Qwickly Attendance

Qwickly Attendance is a robust course tool that enables faculty to take attendance that is automatically graded in the Blackboard Grade Center. Faculty can take attendance using an attendance list on screen or allow students to check in on their own browser, complete with a PIN and countdown timer.

Respondus Test Creator

Respondus 4.0 Test Creator can help you create an assessment with many questions more quickly by allowing you to bypass cutting and pasting test questions, answer choices, and feedback from a Word document or Excel spreadsheet.

Student Response Systems

Classroom response systems (clickers, polling, etc.) provide an alternative method of engaging students in the classroom while facilitating real-time assessment of student comprehension. The ability to capture live information about teaching and learning allows for flexibility and change. Response tools support the increased focus in education around data-driven teaching.

Tegrity Lecture Capture

Tegrity is the supported lecture capture service for on-ground and on-line learning at Northeastern. It is available on all classroom, faculty and staff computers. Integration with Blackboard makes recording, uploading and viewing easy for faculty and students.

Tools for Accessibility Support

Classroom content and interactions should be able to be experienced by all of your students regardless of physical or learning differences. While technology vendors haven’t always been so mindful of this legal and ethical mandate, more and more tools are being developed to be accessible to students with disabilities by default. Northeastern provides several tools for supporting accessibility in course content.

VoiceThread Video and Voice Discussion Board

VoiceThread is a third-party tool that can be integrated into Blackboard that allows you and your students to create multimedia presentations and discuss via text, voice, or video. Discussion is asynchronous, so students can enter the discussion at their convenience, and you can watch the discussion as it happens.