Qualtrics Screen is Blank or Timed Out

If you have been logged in to Qualtrics and idle for a long period of time, you may receive a timed out screen requesting that you log back. You can log back in by going to

Sometimes, when you log in again after being timed out, you may see a blank project area or an error message. To resolve this, you will want to “Refresh Account”.

To refresh your account follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Profile icon located in the top right corner of the Qualtrics window
  2. Click Refresh account
Qualtrics Refresh account screenshot

It may take a minute or two for the page to reload, but everything should reappear as expected. If not, please email and we will further troubleshoot.

In addition, using the Refresh Account button is a good troubleshooting option when Qualtrics might not be performing in a typical manner.

Customizing Qualtrics Themes

Adding a graphic header and/or footer to an existing survey can help create the look and feel of a custom department or project theme. The header and footer will appear on all survey pages.

First, choose a theme to customize.  Very basic themes, such as “minimal,” “blank,” or “plain jane” will prevent your graphics from competing with theme colors, images or other formatting.

There is an issue with theme display in the Qualtrics interface.  Qualtrics is working on a solution, but until then, to display the full set of available Qualtrics themes, you’ll need to toggle back and forth between themes a few times: 

From the Look and Feel options in the General tab, select Qualtrics from the theme menu and click “Change Theme.”  You will probably see the two Northeastern themes at this point.  Next, select NEU from the menu, and click “Change Theme.” You’ll still see the same two themes, but the full set of Qualtrics themes usually appears the 3rd or 4th time you do this.  “Minimal,” “Blank,” and “Plain Jane” themes are all basic enough to use with just about any custom header.


Next, add your header graphic or text.  Open your survey and select Look and Feel from the survey menu.

In Look and Feel, select the Advanced tab and click Edit to use the rich content editor:

In the content editor, add images and/or formatted text.  You can modify the size of your graphic by clicking the Source button and changing the style specifications for width and height.

Click Save

Digication Migration and Downtime July 5th – July 12th 2017

As we enter the summer semester, we wanted to provide you advanced notice that Digication E-Portfolio will be temporarily out of service for a planned migration July 5th 2:00pm – July 12 11:59pm. This time period comes after grades are due for Summer 1 and NUterm courses, but falls into the first two weeks of Summer 2 term and into the middle of Full Summer courses. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this causes. If you plan to use Digication during the Full Summer or Summer 2 terms, please contact us at to let us know so that we can provide more specific and timely information to minimize your impact during the migration.

This migration will resolve confusion over the two different instances of Digication on campus, as there is currently an instance for the Day School and one for NUOnline with different URLs. All user profile information, data, course information, and e-portfolios will be migrated from one system to the other and all users at Northeastern will log into after July 12. Portfolio links that were previously shared with in the URL will continue to work, though they will also be available using the URL.

Links created using the Blackboard Digication building block previous to the migration will likely break after the migration process because of the change in URL. Courses previously created via the building block, however, will still be able to be accessed directly via Digication if you do the additional step of linking each of the courses you created via the Blackboard building block to a course in Digication. Note also that Digication has let us know that there may be issues with using the building block after the migration, and these issues may continue into the Fall semester and beyond. We are working with Digication through their uncertainty about this, and we will do our best to minimize impacts around any changes to functionality of the building block.

During this transition time and beyond, we’d like to offer our assistance to you to help you plan for the migration and understand its impacts on your specific courses, but also to help you find the most efficient workflows for integrating Digication into your course. Please let us know how we can help. Please email for assistance or to set up an appointment to discuss Digication.

Students: Logging into Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is the recommended student response application in use at Northeastern University. Students will need to log into Poll Everywhere with their Northeastern accounts in order to respond to poll questions. You can respond via browser on a computer or mobile phone, or you can use the mobile app. Instructions for each access method follow.

Log in using single sign-on on your computer or a browser on your phone:

  1. Go to
  2. Login with your myNEU username and password
  3. Go to my Poll Everywhere URL [instructors, fill in your Poll Everywhere URL here]

Log in using single sign-on in the mobile app:

  1. Download the Poll Everywhere mobile app
  2. Click “I’m participating”
  3. Click the “Log in” button
  4. Type in your address
  5. Click on the single-sign on link that appears
  6. In the “Join a presentation” box, type in the instructor username [instructors, fill in your Poll Everywhere URL here]

Answer via text message:

While answering via text message is not recommended for general use, some instructors enable this feature for reasons specific to the learning activity. If you are responding via text, you will need to verify your phone number with Poll Everywhere but signing into the website using the first method above and then following this process to verify your phone number.

Enable Flash in Safari and Chrome